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Hop in the Dark CDA ~ Deschutes

Appearance: burnt, black and delicious to look at. Khaki espresso crema head – bubbly and lacy with a nice collar. Swirls nice.

Nose: forestry. Lots of brush, bark, and dirty in a very good west coast way – squishing toes amidst the ground as I admire the endless evergreens and firs and greenage around me. Ferns and foliage. Tickle of dried chocolate along the side with bakers intentions; brittle. Dried raisins.

Palate: roasty and earthy. Burnt woods and bark. Burnt hops – take whole hop cones and roast over the fire. Lingering burnt woodsy delights. More simplistic than nose implied. Tar starts to grow along the edge which grows a tannic tang which grabs the back and underside of tongue, lingering after each quaff.

Final Thoughts: quite tasty but I don’t know. I was expecting maybe more – more roast, more toast, and more of what the west coasters boast about when they boast about CDA especially when in “dispute” against the BIPA. I’d drink it again though.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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