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Malt Liquor ~ Okocim

Appearance: clear straws. White head fades fast into nothing. Swirls relatively thick but disappears just as fast.

Nose: powdered sugars, cotton candy, and candy corn ohmy! Regarding the candy corn, I’m talking the real deal – take corn kernels, add sugar, and candy-ize. Cornbread. Prepackaged honey rolls and honey buns. Hops have left the building. Saccharinely sweet cereal grains – pass the corn pops, please.

Palate: clean and light. Immediate hit of sweetness in the middle – honey buns and corn pops. Candied corn powdered sugar. Nothing lingers long.

Final Thoughts: there are better ways to get higher ABV beers than this. While it wasn’t great compared to some malt liquor beers I’ve tasted this one was one of the better ones; at least my gag reflux didn’t kick in.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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