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Vintage Ale 2010 btl # 087834 ~ Fullers

Appearance: clear brilliant ambers, ancient tree sap, tangerines and apricots. Bubbly pithy head which fades into a collar bordering blotchy foam. Swirls with lace.

Nose: cinnamon and spice. Mulled cider. Plums. Apricots and nectarines with skin on. Orange blossom honey and melba crunch together. Nutmeg, paprika, and a wisp of cumin. Coconut milk and candied pineapple.

Palate: wow and yum. Plums and orange blossom honey dance atop my tastebuds. Spice tickles along the edges. Essence of pinot grigio – green grapes, purple plums, chardonnay grapes. Spice continues to tickle. Apricots, peaches, and pineapple nectar – sweet and naturally so. Full, sticky, and a bit chewy in the middle. Can taste the ageability.

Final Thoughts: another classic for the cellar. Fullers is classic English and for that I am quite content.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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