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Blueberry Ale ~ Blue Point

Appearance: clear straw and hay colors. Voluminous head fades into a bubbly blotchy layer. Swirls thick along edges, no lace.

Nose: whole blueberries and toast lead into dominating and dominant blueberry pancake batter. The golden edges of bread crusts. Nondescript zip of lemon zest in the back.

Palate: clean and mouthcoating. Honeyed rolls with crispy crunchy crust. Honeyesque. Blueberries hit first, hard, and fade fast and hard. Blueberry skins and bread crust linger on the top middle of tongue. Lemon skins along the edges. Powdered sugar sweetness with dried blueberries speaks of powdered blueberry pancake batter ready-mix.

Final Thoughts: meh. Not impressed and not really good. Blueberry is a hard berry to brew with and so far as I’ve tasted the Sweetwater Blue still reigns supreme.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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