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Bourbon Barrel Stout ~ Bluegrass Brewing Company

Appearance: blacks with a brown bubbly spritely head which pops and dissipates quickly. Thin bubbly collar which, when swirled, lingers with creamy crema hues.

Nose: bourbon hits in the front, middle and back – bourbon everywhere with spice, vanillin, and charred oak barrels. Maple and molasses. Dark fruits are hidden in the back and soaked in bourbon, of course. Prunes and dates along the edges. Carries a rustic air of old farmhouses and barns worn with age, time, and weather. Quick hit of red apple must in the middle.

Palate: medium-light and bourbon centric. Vanillin, maple, and dry spice comingling with oak planks, oak barrels, and generic woods. Apples and grapes in the middle. Bourbon soaks dark fruits underneath – dates, prunes, raisins. Dry spice and oak lingers atop tongue with vanillin.

Final Thoughts: obviously unbalanced thanks to the assertive bourbon but being a bourbonholic myself, I don’t quite mind. If you’re looking for subtle than she may not be your dram but for those bourbon freaks like me, have your dram and enjoy it too.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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