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Howl ~ Magic Hat Brewing Company

Appearance: pours brown-black. Nice tan head fades into a lace collar. Swirls lovely with khaki and tan designs.

Nose: roasted, crunchy, toasted pumpernickel; pumpernickel sticks. Whiff of stale in the background. Apple cores and apple seeds. Apple must as if left exposed to the air and has now browned.

Palate: not major but the oxidization and flatness of stale bread is there. Behind stale quality is apple seeds and apple core. Pumpernickel is underneath with some dry chocolate crumbles. Mouthfeel and weight is thin and a touch watery. Further quaffing reveals apple skins in with pumpernickel sticks and pumpernickel crust.

Final Thoughts: meh. If it hadn’t been stale than I would have been more flavorfully inspired. A decent attempt at a schwarzbier but falls far short of this quintessential German beer style. I wish there had been there because I really wanted to enjoy this beer and ultimately, I couldn’t.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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