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HeBrew Jewbelation 5766 Ninth Anniversary Ale ~ Shmaltz Brewing Company

Appearance: deep wooden mahoganies with burnt garnet edges. Tan head lingers as a collar with a decent tannish film in-between. Swirls with lace and thick edges.

Nose: smoky. Black root and dark fruits – figs and dates. Tar. Black taffy. Some red apple skins bob in and out along with plum skins, purple and ripe, with the flesh a sweet afterthought. Root beer syrup, all natural please. Heavy and dense. Interesting essence of fall foliage and the changing of seasons whilst standing amidst an apple orchard.

Palate: earthy dirty twiggy presence which reveals a tart grape and plum skin twang. Earthy spiciness lingers atop middle of tongue. Unsweetened prune juice tartness. Black root and black licorice under and in back of swallow. Mild up front, then meaty and chewy with a faint whisper of juniper in the breath. Grows leathery and tannic as it warms up. Lingering burnt black strap finish. Chocolate bark?

Final Thoughts: so far of the two Jewbelation brews I have tasted, both have proven to be a unique exploration of flavors unexpected and enjoyed. Big and chewy. Who needs food when one needs beer. May I have another please.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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