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Miraculous Jewbelation Eighth Anniversary Ale ~ Shmaltz Brewing Company

Appearance: pours like burnt molasses. Tan collar and a thin head fades fast into a thin puddle which lingers in the middle. Swirls thick along the edges, no head and no lace.

Nose: molasses and melted chocolate mix while caramel nougat camps out in the middle. Dense and heavy. Polished dark leather and polished dark wood. Sundried and meaty figs and dates. Sweetly smoky in the back.

Palate: sweet, dense, thick, heavy, smoked, woody, twiggy. Cooked molasses and burnt caramel. Dries top of my tongue immediately. Leather burnt over black root and black earth. Tarry along the edges. Love how the burnt molasses, caramel, and smoke weave together seamlessly. Char and tar lurks along the edges. Leather atop the tongue.

Final Thoughts: I was a bit skeptical first going into this beer but by the end I was in love. Rich, decadent, and certainly a unique beer that might not be for everyone. Food in liquid form.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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