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Either ~ Cigar City Brewing

Appearance: black and viscous. A fluffy espresso crema head leaves a collar bordering crema bubbles. Swirls thick along the edges, no lace, and a thin sheen of crema foam lingers on top…then disappears.

Nose: fudgy, roasty, dark fruits – meaty & chewy. Thick caramel nougat. Vanilla bean along edges. Cooked than cooled honey melts into and with the nougat. Woody earthiness with a hint of char and tar. Bacony greasy smoky essence in the back; like standing in front of a smoker, oily. Rooty. Tar balls. Figs, dates, prunes.

Palate: grabs top center of tongue and never lets go. Not as thick as expected – soft, frothy, almost cakey mouthfeel. Burnt finish builds with ash, burnt black cacao. Honey and fudge, caramel and toffee. Sweet smoke in the back. Cinnamon sticks in the breath. Meaty dark fruits join finish – prunes and figs especially. Fast procession of flavor with each quaff is intense and continues from first quaff to last. More burnt wood and ash. Mouth starts to water as it dries. Dryness of tannins – wood and leather. Has a sense of brewing times past. Bakers chocolate. The honey is a subtle touch – more cooked than fresh. Warmth grows in chest and breath. Salty umami savoriness.

Final Thoughts: wow and wow. Definitely a sipper but a fine sipper at that. Beer boring? Paf! Beer is living and beer is tasty and oh my goodness how I love it. Pour, let warm to room temperature, and savor. A limited dual release, if you happen to find a bottle don’t be afraid to savor all by your lonesome.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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