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American Pale Ale ~ Blue Point

Appearance: clear gold with nectarine hues. Off-white head fades fast into a bubbly collar surrounding a thin film. Swirls thick but no lace.

Nose: orangey and clean though overall mild. Lemon ice, key lime, orange pith, marmalade, lemon pith, and dew-dropped green grass.

Palate: clean mouthfeel. Orangey sweet with marmalade toppings. Dryness of pith and dried grains in the back followed by more orange and lemon-lime. Medium weight. Quite sessionable. Wet green grass dropped with dew. Honey joins the marmalade.

Final Thoughts: overall not too shabby. Tasteful with a nice procession of flavors for a simple sessionable enjoyable American pale ale. On the flipside, it doesn’t really stand out from all that many other American pale ales I’ve enjoyed to date. If offered, I would drink.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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