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Triticus ~ Harpoon

Appearance: browns and blacks – very dark for a barleywine. A thick pour reveals a minimal head bordered by a minimum bubbly collar. Swirls thicker along the edges; no lace.

Nose: dark fruits dipped in fudge than air cooled. Figgy – fig newtons but richer and denser. Bready and cake in the back. Wisps of liquid smoke. Dried black cherries and raisins, natural and unsweetened. Caramelized brown sugars mingle with black strap and black root. Dense black breads.

Palate: surprisingly tart and thinner than expected. Liquid smoke underneath and in the finish. Fudge and black cake. Figs and dates in the middle – meaty and earthy, garden fresh. Hint of tannins – leather, red grape skins, wood. Approaches simply and quickly grows more complex. Smoky, leathery, rooty, meaty, figgy, earthy. Bacon grease in the back end of swallow? Officially fantastic. Sweet along the sides, fudgy in the middle, smoky in the back, with everything else in-between working seamlessly.

Final Thoughts: at first I was a little leery but as Triticus warmed up, she warmed my heart and won me over. Definitely a barleywine to be enjoyed at cellar temperatures so when you pour, be sure to take extra time to savor. Not groundbreaking per say, but definitely tastetastic.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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