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Victory At Sea ~ Ballast Point

Appearance: blacks and burnt browns. Dark khaki head fades into a solid collar bordering a thin film. Swirls with crema lace.

Nose: coffee and vanilla up front and center. Rich fudge in the back. Brownies with dates. Black earth. Chewy and creamy. Burnt molasses underneath and along the edges. Whole vanilla beans with a touch of heavy cream; cooked cream. Black fudge cookies and dark chocolates. Undertone of dry dense European chocolates. Vanilla weaves through everything while coffee is more subtle.

Palate: creamy, frothy, and cakey. Long fudge and coffee, espresso especially, and whole vanilla bean finish – burnt and roasty, dry. Dark fruit meat in the back and sides of each swallow while the tang of dates sits squarely on the top middle of tongue. Vanilla bean root weaves in and out just like nose. Burnt, ashy, tarry underbelly offers solid support. Moist along the sides and dry along the top. Faint black earth. Lovely as it warms up. Slightly oily mouthfeel. Cocoa coated black cherries; dry earthy tannins of stones. Meaty prunes and figs.

Final Thoughts: amazingly complex and delicious drinkable. The interplay of flavors is like a professional orchestra in terms of direction and purpose and fluidity. The more Ballast Point I taste, the more I love their brewing prowess.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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