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Hoptimum ~ Sierra Nevada

Appearance: clear amber sap, blood oranges, and nectarines. Off-white pithy head – bubbly and cakey which fades into a nice solid blanket. Swirls nice, releasing a huge nose.

Nose: wet hops. Sticky, orangey, sappy, sticky. Fresh rain weighs heavy in the air. Orange zest up front. Grapefruit zest in the back. Absolutely beautiful in its wet whole hop cone simplicity. Evergreens and pine trees and forests aplenty – sticky damp dew with dryness of brush and bark in the back.

Palate: wow! Piney orangey sticky and sappy. Makes my mouth water and my teeth hurt, all in good ways of course. Orange skin in the back of each and every swallow. Long lingering oily waxy orange skin bitterness. Mouth never stops watering. Wet, grassy, and sticky, ohmy. Orange sap, orange honey. Grass and orange zest. Whole hop cones freshly picked.

Final Thoughts: big, bad, bold, and imnsho, darn tasty. A bit unbalanced? Hard to say since it’s the equivalent of grabbing a handful of green hop cones and squeezing their sticky juicy oils directly into one’s mouth. Intense, which is kind of the whole point, a point I was more than happy to partake of.


(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)
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