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Imperial Porter ~ Thomas Hooker

Appearance: clear brown with some ruby and mahogany highlights. A voluminous tan head is both mouss-like and bubbly, eventually fading into a clumpy blanket. Swirls with no lace and a thicker head.

Nose: burnt wood, dry chocolate graham crackers; kind of stale and old in an intriguingly tasty way. Dried pitted fruits with the pits still inside for extra bitter nuttiness. Leather, dry earth, fallen sticks. Baker’s chocolate, brittle.

Palate: clean and tart; nice. Flitter of grapefruit in the finish; pink if you please and skins only. Prunes and plums up front, sweet and tart, causing sides of cheeks to tingle in pleasurable delight. Lots of plum skins keep the tannic tart bitterness in place. Has an old world essence to it. Chocolate cake in the breath. Hops, citric and piney, mingle in the middle with plum flesh and skins. Red licorice rope and candied maraschino cherries. Dryness lingers with leather and old earth.

Final Thoughts: totally not what I was expecting, but in every good way imaginable. I taste this and I feel like I am tasting the porters of 18th and 19th century England when the porter houses ruled. Fantastic.

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