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SSS btl #66 of 696 (brewed 1/2008 btld 2/2008) ~ Brouwerij De Molen

Appearance: murky browns and blacks. Little head. A tan collar circles a whisper of a blanket and nothing more.

Nose: dark fruits; more raisins and prunes with lots of plump juicy meats and no pits. Fruitcake rich in thankfully not too saccharine candied fruits; maraschino cherries, plums, pineapple. Wood and bran; bran muffins. Licorice root and licorice candy rope. Dates, faint though.

Palate: ripe with dark fruit sweetness right off the bat which is followed by maple and molasses, not too thick and heavy, coating cherries, raisins, plums, and candied maraschino. Medium bodied with sticky lips. Touch fizzy due to bottle-conditioning. Fruitcake but in good ways; never cloying. Touch of ruby port, young and fresh.

Final Thoughts: not what I was expecting but highly enjoyable nonetheless. Fruitcake is supposed to be both good and an acquired taste. When it comes to eating I say nay on both accounts, but when it comes to certain fruitcake characteristics in beer, I say yay. The port essence was a nicely added touch; makes me wonder what she would have been like with a few more years under the cork…

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