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Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout ~ Kiuchi

Appearance: pours a nice clean black much like coffee without the cream. Thin cappuccino tinged head fades into a thin ringlet. No real head but swirls with some nice lace, cappuccino hued of course.

Nose: chocolate covered espresso beans are in the house to stay. Burnt wood. Black chocolates in raw bark form; break a chunk, nibble, and enjoy. Black cherries. Espresso crema. All around an intensely thick aroma profile.

Palate: smooth and a tad bubbly; velveteen. Creamy up front with chocolate and vanilla for an almost ice-cream experience. Burnt bitterness lingers long and black in the back with pure cacao chocolate bars and crunchy espresso beans; love it. Vanilla root. No cherries.

Final Thoughts: a bit simple but very tasty. Followed through on her promise of espresso and stout delights. Another winner from Kiuchi, masters of both sake and beer (which are one and the same but shall save that digression for another date).

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