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Commodore Perry IPA ~ Great Lakes

Appearance: amber-gold under a copper hued head of fluff both tightly packed and loose at the same time. Clumpy lace.

Nose: citrus peel; orange and lemon with some gentle pith all around. Honeycomb sweetness with a lightly dense earthy quality. Hop leaves. Green.

Palate: clean and a bit sticky sweet; honey up front, coating lips and teasing the tip of tongue. Leads into orange and honey with brisk cleansing bitterness in the back; whole hope cones and leaves. Sweet rolls underneath are both soft and supportive. Honeycomb lingers longest with a kiss of orange every now and then.

Final Thoughts: not too complex but very rich in what makes it taste so good: honey, orange, rolls, green hop cones. Mighty tasty and screaming for some food.

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