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Crack'd Wheat ~ New Glarus

Appearance: unfiltered haze reveals layers of orange and straw. Fluffy head resembles meringue, fading in chunky clumps which cling to the sides of my glass as lil globules.

Nose: spicy. Oozes cracked wheat, spice, and dried fruits such as peaches and apricots. Nectarine and tangerine skins eek oily esters while pith and straw hover in the back. Touch stewed; boozy wood.

Palate: lovely tint of tartness atop tongue takes me by surprise in all sorts of good ways. Whole wheat loaves, breads, rolls abound; biting through their seed crusted crust explodes with spice, pepper, and nutty earthiness. Chewy mouthfeel further intensifies the whole cracked bready experience. Bright orange zest in the back; mingles with spice for some stewed orange and nectarine peel. Pith, wheat, and a tickle of sour linger after each quaff. Lovely.

Final Thoughts: this is the perfect wheat beer for those who profess to not like wheat beers. In general I like all beers (with a few exceptions) so this particular offering from New Glarus was especially delightful for it took even me by surprise by how much she lived up to her name.

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