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La Fleur Misseur? ~ New Belgium

Appearance: bit cloudy with straw and hay-ish tints. White head lingers as a thin head with an equally thin collar. Swirls with a lovely layer of lace.

Nose: floral; the greenhouse is abloom and I am enjoying it. Citrus skins and pith before taking a dive down to the tropics with pineapple, cantaloupe, and coconut, fresh of course. Lavender petals, dried, along with wind-blown esters of pollen. Green grass blades. In the back and underneath are faint wisps of new leather, brushed, and cut wood, white.

Palate: a sip…beautiful. Kiss of spice in the back while flowers linger long in my breath. Bright refreshing finish ripe with citrus. The spice and flowers intermingle for quite the brilliant pairing, grabbing onto the back of my tongue and never letting go. In that back zing is also where I find cut wood and brushed leather. Dandelions and lavender bloom while their stems and leaves add greenness. Pineapples and cantaloupes hit the juicer. Love how the breath lasts seemingly forever, a constant ebb and flow of floral, tropical, spice, and earth.

Final Thoughts: I grew up in the middle of citrus groves and spent countless hours of my childhood playing outside amidst all the aromas and esters of nature. It’s not every day a beer can capture that moment of childhood while at the same time retain an adult sophistication which bespeaks of lazy afternoons in the flower gardens, book in hand, and time to waste. Beautiful.

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