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Marzen ~ Gordon Biersch

Appearance: clear ambers and garnets with a minute head which thankfully lingers from first quaff to last. Swirls with some copper spots and a thickness along the edges.

Nose: sweet with candied apples, caramel nuggets, coffee cake. Bit of farmhouse grains in the back along with toasted corn kernels. Quickly develops an artificial syrupy sweetness. Brown sugar and cinnamon.

Palate: sweet, bright, and a bit bubbly. Sticky lips after each quaff with a disturbing hardness which lingers atop the tongue. Apple skins. Something off in the finish can’t quite put finger on. Overall artificial quality to the sweetness with a dry stale finish that also reeks of artificialness. Dry roasted grains and dry roasted corn. Meh.

Final Thoughts: I can honestly say it’s not the taster; it’s the brewer/brewery. Many a Gordon Biersch has underwhelmed and seeing as the marzen was supposed to be one of their better choices, color me extra unimpressed. There are far better marzens out there to wile away the day with, and your tastebuds will thank you for it.

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