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Transatlantique Kriek ~ New Belgium

Appearance: deep and bright pink; like a stained rose. Not much head. Minor collar and pinkish scattered film. Has a brilliance when held up to the light. Swirls with little change.

Nose: cherries, sweet than sour. Raw sugar granules. Cranberries underneath for a nice tart nip. Raw strawberries and cherries, freshly picked for natural sweetness parleyed by natural tartness and tannic hints from the seeds and nuttiness from the pits.

Palate: clean and not too heavy with final impressions leaning towards the slightly weak and thin side in regards to weight and mouthfeel. Lightest up front and bit watery in the finish. Cherries, cranberries, and strawberries dominate the middle; sweet then tart. Orange whisks on by in the finish with dry skins underneath. Residual sugar sweetness teases the back of my tongue with faint sugariness and raw fruit juices.

Final Thoughts: not too shabby, though she lacked enough oomph and shazam to really get my Kriek on. Overall okay which is surprising since New Belgium usually hits it out of the ballpark, especially in their Lips of Faith series.

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