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Little Sumpin' Extra! Ale ~ Lagunitas

Appearance: orange with brushes of amber. Fluffy pithy head recedes into a thick collar which a massive chunk of pith hovering in the middle.

Nose: tons of orange; orange rind, pith, orange honey. Sticky and wet. Green plant leaves and stems. Chewy doughy bread in the back which is also orange infused. Orange leather oil.

Palate: mm, nice. Sides of cheeks tingle with each full quaff. Orange in the middle, sweet then dry and bitter. Lips are sticky with orange honey. Has a delicate flower petal essence like one would find when walking into a greenhouse, minus the humidity. Refreshing. Green pant stems and leaves ooze dew-dropped Mother Nature as if I were squeezing them between my fingers. Orange leather oil is faint. Orange honey dipped and infused bread fills the mouth and rests longest atop the tongue. Lace marks the glass all the way down. Hop cones in the very back after her very orange profile; whole cones. Peach and mango are an afterthought, mingling with the oranges and dough and honey.

Final Thoughts: Lagunitas doesn’t usually impress me, but the last couple beers from them have been quite fanciful and Little Sumpin’ is no exception. One of their dozens of limited bottle releases, I recommend freshness on this one so that her exuberant orange personality doesn’t fade.

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