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Jackie Brown ~ Mikkeller

Appearance: a lovely clear brown which resembles the precious stone, tiger’s eye. Fluffy khaki head fades in the shape of a doughnut, her sides sticking to the glass. Creamy mousse-like consistence. Solid collar of lace.

Nose: nuts, chocolate, and toast all roasted to crispy crunchy perfection. Hops in the back with a hint of greenness; green grass and green bark. Raisins. Light and airy essence. Brittle chocolate bars and soft chocolate cake complement each other. Nuts crunchy while hops soothe.

Palate: fantastic! Grabs top of my tongue and doesn’t let go not even once until of her brown beery nectar has vacated my glass for my tummy. Tons of chocolate; cake, graham crackers, truffles (powder), bars, nibs. Hops provide an exquisite level of balance in the back for a tryst of bitter hops green and fresh with bitter burnt chocolate and nutty malts. Refreshing and thirst-inducing. Dry tobacco leaf of cigar and pipe regard flitters around the edges and tinges my breath. Green wood and green bark lurks in the back, observing more than partaking.

Final Thoughts: once more the roving brewer strikes a home-run in my tasting book. Mikkeller is truly a brewmaster of finesse, ingenuity, and a dab of eccentricity which I am all the more happy to indulge in with each and every beer. Bring it on, I say.

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