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Wild Thing ~ Haandbryggeriet

Appearance: pours a deep pink grapefruit with orange along the bottom and edges. Hazy. Off white head has a subtle pink grapefruit pith hue. Lingers as a collar and swirls with lace.

Nose: sour and sweet with a very light dusting of powdered sugar. Pith acts as a tempering agent. Pink grapefruit and currants. Cooked and stewed whole cranberries, no extra sugar added, for sweet tartness. Leather and raw bamboo in the back. Papaya and star fruit.

Palate: phenomenal with an amazingly perfect balance of sour and sweet. Powdered sugar is once more a light dusting throughout her flavor profile. Cranberries and currants up front and freshly pureed for my pleasure. Has an almost soft angel food cake mouthfeel and quality which works wonderfully with the fresh sweet and sour and tart fruits. Nip of tart tannic cranberry and currant skins in the very back. Most flavors though are center focused. Pink grapefruit flesh; juicy, sweet, tart, and lightly mouth-drawing.

Final Thoughts: an amazing beer which once more proves that those Norwegians know what they are doing, and it isn’t just crabbing.

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