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La Folie ~ New Belgium

Appearance: deep brown with ruddy reds and burnished mahogany highlights. Head is cappuccino which fades fast into a thin collar. Swirls with miniscule dotted lace the color of cappuccino foam.

Nose: cherries, chocolate, and grapes, all sour please. Hint of brown vinegar, hint. Gentle leather and funk in the background while mud, must, leather, and funk hang gently in the air. Plum skins.

Palate: smooth in the front, sour in the middle and back. Grape, plum, and cherry skins. Sour chocolates…if there is such a thing. Gentle funk lingers and mingles but never detracts from the party, simply adding to it and enhancing. Refreshing. Soft once more at the very back of the swallow where leather and must linger. Gently coats lips in chocolate covered cherries, sour please. Blink once, kiss of fresh lemon zest, blink twice, gone. Sour fruit skins and leather last longest after each quaff in said order of chocolate sour cherries, plum skins, and grapes.

Final Thoughts: wow and wow. Supposedly these newer batches that are part of the Lips of Faith series from New Belgium haven’t been “up to snuff.” I can’t speak for past batches but my bottle was fantastic, a brew I’d love to have in my fridge on a very regular basis. Thanks sis!

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