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Gemini ~ Southern Tier

Appearance: light cloudy orange-gold with a light orange pith head. Fades like meringue with a sudsy ring of bubbles. Lace abounds.

Nose: sweet hop cones and oils. Orange and orange leather oil. Moist orange cake follows through into moist orange breads. Wet greenness; like stepping outside just after a rain shower the air still damp and heavy. Orange and leather must.

Palate: wet, sticky, and a smidge dank which I am unsure is a good thing or a bad thing. Medium weight. Almost mossy/grassy quality; rain-soaked and boggy. Orange cake, orange sap, and orange oil. Pleasantly soft mouthfeel. Musty orange leather in the back of each swallow which lingers with a slightly unpleasant mustiness. Doughy breads packing the yeast. Overall very intense. Smidge of warmth in the back. Some pine needles and grapefruit skins join the orange oils. Flavor complexity is a bit simple but the intensity of said flavors is almost too forceful. Smoothes out a bit as she warms up.

Final Thoughts: I like the two beers that were blended to make Gemini, 50% Hoppe and 50% Unearthly, but I’m still not quite sure how I feel about the end product. I think I’m due for a revisit sometime next year to see if my palate and my mind decided to change.

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