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Gubna ~ Oskar Blues

Appearance: clear orange gold with slightly dark and polished depth to it. Tight pithy head fades with lace and lingers clumpy. Slow stream of bubbles. Swirls nicely.

Nose: pine needles, pine trees, and whole hop cones make merry. Grapefruit rind and orange rind spread along the edges and linger in the back.

Palate: full and sticky which is a bit surprising given her nose. Orange, pine, and hop resins stick and brush against my tastebuds in an urgent desire to please. Bitter rind in the back; orange then grapefruit. Bitter orange also lingers on the lips; like kissing the outer skin of a ripe orange. Wisp of spicy heat in the back which also warms the tongue, gently so. Fullest flavor profile stays put in the middle. Lace and head persist from first quaff to last. Flavors are a menagerie of hop delights while the malts play silent partner.

Final Thoughts: big bold flavors which worked together rather seamlessly. Somewhere in the midst of her big sticky pithy delights were possible hints of malt…and possibly not. Overall, a nice new addition to the Oskar Blues portfolio which I am happy to say is going year-round.

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