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Double Dog Pale Ale ~ Flying Dog


Appearance: burnt amber and bloody orange under a soft pithy head which proceeds to crawl up the sides of my glass in a hapless attempt at escape. Swirls nice with a bit of splattered lace.

Nose: hop cones by the ton; green, sticky, resiny, and pungent to the touch with nice vegetal undertones. Nutmeg and cinnamon sticks dabble in the spice while crunchy melba and golden brown toast ground the senses. Essence of standing in a forest, the wood and trees and bark and undergrowth all permeating the air; moss. Peach skins fleshy and fuzzy.

Palate: clean and bitter with a small but steady undercurrent of malt melba toasty crunch. Bark and pine needles tease while whole hop cones make a rush for my tastebuds; resinous, sticky, and slightly vegetal. Long bitter finish atop tongue which makes the cheeks tingle. Gentle sweetness speaks of peaches and orange nectar. Lips are sticky in orange and hop delights. Sweetens up a tad as warms up though hops are still the star. Hint of warmth grows in chest near end of glass.

Final Thoughts: first time I had this beer an easy year ago I was not impressed. Since then having tasted numerous bottling and draft, the only conclusion I can come to is the bottle I tried back then was bad because I have loved Double Dog since.

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