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Pale Ale ~ Tap Room No.21

Appearance: golden orange with a touch of amber glints. Bready head fades to a thin film. Swirls with no lace, though a smidge more thickness along the edges.

Nose: soft grains much like freshly baked loaves of bread; a bit bland though. Lemon-lime in the back; very subtle. Hint of pulpy peach sweetness which disappears almost as fast as it appears.

Palate: sweet and soft along the sides while the top of my tongue dries almost immediately. Grains and bread crusts dominate the center of her palate while peach and lemon skins tease the sides of my tongue. Sweetness of the peach meat lingers in the back of each swallow before giving way to an almost painfully pithy waxy lemon skin dry finish; abrasive.

Final Thoughts: different, though certainly not spectacular. Out of the three Tap Room No.21 beers I tasted none jumped out at me in glorious taste sensation. Average comes to mind, and the pale ale was no different.

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