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Hop Rod Rye Ale ~ Bear Republic

Appearance: deep clear amber and mahogany with glints of burgundy. Off-white head leaves lace along with a solid collar bordering a solid head of foam. Swirls with more lace and a fuller puddle to dip my nose in.

Nose: omg! Fruity rye and spicy rye with apples, peaches, pears, and plums surrounded by moist breads. The back kicks with rye seeds. Chestnuts and pecans flitter about in nutty merriment while brown sugar adds just a dab of sweetness. Caramelized crunchies along the edges. Tickle of warmth in the back.

Palate: sweet then dry than spiced with a super long finish. Green hop cones add bitterness to balance the caramelized sweetness and to tease the rye spiciness. Burnt finish of ash and wood flickers out as quickly as it appears. Vanilla root, chocolate beans are to be found in the very back of swallow. Hops continue to tickle and tease the front and middle, slowly drying the top of my tongue. All around rye spice and rye fruitiness floats in a beery sea of caramelized crunchies, peaches, apples, pears to be sopped up by generous hunks of rye bread.

Final Thoughts: was surprised by the lack of hops in the nose that were so readily apparent in her palate. Overall though, a tastefully intriguing brew which served to remind me all over again why I love rye in my beer.

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