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Apricot Ale ~ Corner Cafe & Brewery

Appearance: orange with a hint of amber. Soft white head lingers throughout as a solid layer. Lace crawls up sides of glass.

Nose: apricot flesh, mango, and orange sherbet. Has a freshness that is very pleasant. Canned mandarin oranges without the cloying sugary syrupy sweetness. Sweet green grass blades, dew dropped, with key lime esters. Lemon ice.

Palate: smooth first impressions. Apricot, mango, and mandarins, more fresh than canned. Bright atop the tongue while being dry in the front and along the sides. Orange sherbet makes first impressions pleasurable while key lime and lemon peel linger in the back and finish. Gentle bitterness pervades, keeping my tastebuds alert and attentive. Apricot throughout, carrying through, around, and over all her other flavor profiles.

Final Thoughts: quite tasty. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I should have known better than to expect anything less than well made and tasty good. Never cloying, the bitterness was a nice touch.
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