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Amber Ale ~ Tap Room No.21

Appearance: orange amber with pink hues along the edges. Surprisingly pink hued head leaves a puddle in the middle and a collar along the rim. Swirls with no lace.

Nose: mandarin orange with a hint of sorbet/sherbet. Pink grapefruit. Sweetness of rye bread minus the spicy kick of the seeds. Orange honey and orange honey bread.

Palate: intriguingly soft and sweet mouthfeel. Not to weighty; mild overall. Peach and mandarin orange sorbet. Rye and honey infused bread topped with more orange and peach. Quaff and repeat.

Final Thoughts: meh. Nothing spectacular to write home about. Decent but could use a wee bit more oomph and could do so while remaining highly drinkable…with flavor.

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