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Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale ~ Kiuchi Brewery

Appearance: brilliant blood orange under a pithy head. Slow stream of bubbles sparkle in the light while swirls produce more pithy head, no lace.

Nose: ginger, spice, and ohso nice. Candied ginger makes her way through granny smith apples freshly juiced while black cherries snuggle up for an intriguing mix. Cinnamon sugar crunchies. Crispy golden brown pie crust offer gentle support. Vivacious and playful.

Palate: candied sugar grabs hold of my tastebuds and tongue and never lets go. Granny smith apples meet the juicer while her tartness zips along the back of each taste. Fresh ginger and candied ginger dazzle and mingle throughout her bright playful parade of flavors. Cinnamon is a gentle essence atop the tongue while tartness tingles along the sides of my tongue; granny smith apple skins and raw ginger. Lemon rind and pink grapefruit, hold the sugar please. Bright breath, if that’s possible and obviously it is.

Final Thoughts: yum! I’ve never really been a big ginger fan on its own, but in beer and in dishes, I couldn’t be happier. Another solid real ginger beer and another solid beer from the Hitachino line of beers. Thanks Kiuchi!

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