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Lager ~ Tap Room No. 21

Appearance: clear straw under a bubbly white head. Slow stream of bubbles laze their way to the top before either bursting or joining their other bubbly brethren. Swirls with no lace, more head.

Nose: straw, baled hay, husked grains. Whole white breads with the crusts. Whisper of citrus pith.

Palate: soft and rather delicate, a surprise coming from my initial impressions from the nose. Hint of sweetness in the middle mingles well with her whole loaves of white bread, thankfully not of the wonder variety. Bright and bubbly in the finish; citrus zest. Raw husked grains come in last while pith dries the top of my tongue and sides of cheeks.

Final Thoughts: overall not too shabby. Could use a bit more body, especially since she leaned more toward the bready world of lagers versus the grassy and floral side. A good effort though nonetheless.

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