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Benji's Smoked Imperial Porter w/Chipotle Peppers ~ Tyranena

Appearance: deep black with little head to speak of. A khaki ringlet stares tauntingly at me while swirls produce no more head but a smidge more collar.

Nose: roasty with a touch of smoke in the back. Baker’s chocolate. Chipotle peppers not overly evident, though a tinge of dried peppers tickles in the back of my nose. Black root. Burnt wood.

Palate: dry, smoked, and finishes with dried chipotle peppers in the back; gentle. Baker’s chocolate lingers atop my tongue while the chipotle continues to meld and mingle quite wonderfully with her smokiness. Smoke also lingers in breath. Dry brittle burnt wood; like after a fire. Does a good job of sucking the moisture out of my mouth, creating a quenching thirst for more. Spice begins to tease the sides of my tongue but never overpowers. Good balance. A quick smack of tartness zips down the sides of my cheeks.

Final Thoughts: quite tasty. Being sensitive to hot foods, I was quite pleased with the balance of porter and chipotle. Definitely a solid imperial porter with burnt notes everywhere and even a tart zing for some Baltic influences, possibly. Either way, quite tasty so my hat off to Benji, and no, I don’t mean the dog.

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