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Batch #9000 ~ Bells

Appearance: clear dark browns and blacks. Little to no head does sport a thin off-white collar. Swirls with not much of anything else.

Nose: licorice root, black root, and thick heavy damp moist dark fruits as far as the nose can smell. Black strap molasses meets massive amounts of brewer’s licorice for dark dreams desired. Thick and rich. Black cake, fruitcake.

Palate: medium-bodied with a hugely intense platter of flavors; definitely a sipping beer. Black root, black strap, and brewer’s licorice abound. Bobbing in and out of this dark brew of delights are intensely flavored morsels of dates, prunes, raisins, and figs. Very warming from the first sip to last; from the chest and even lingering in my breath. More dark fruits in back, concentrated, but without any tart nibblies. Simply intense.

Final Thoughts: this particular Batch from Bells got undue slag for being rich, sweet, and intense in her brewer’s licorice and dark fruits and black strap designs. T'would be one thing if it was by accident, but she was brewed with the full intention of producing such a beer, and for that, I especially enjoyed it. Sessionable, no. shippable, absolutely. A good fire-side beer.

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