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Trappistes Rochefort 8

Appearance: murky brown with the hue of deep cut woods; old houses. Minute head of an off-white tinge which lingers as a disorderly puddle as a collar tries to herd it in. swirls with no lace, puffier collar.

Nose: whole grains, cracked wheat, bran, rye seeds; amazingly bready in a crunchy versus chewy way. Raw brown sugar. Marzipan. Fruitcake, dates, candied sugars. Dried grapes and apricots. Cardamom and paprika; spice more in the back as a whisper then as an active trait. Gentle sweetness up front fades into the crunchy breads.

Palate: wow. How I love Trappist… soft frothy mouthfeel for a full breadiness without the harsh abrasiveness of raw carbonation. Stab of sweetness sin the back of each swallow; fruitcake, candied sugars, dried dates. Spices weave in and out, blossoming best in the finish with cinnamon, paprika, and cardamom. Practically floats across tastebuds she is so gentle. Lovely addition of dried apricots and grapes. Dab of bark and dry fall leaves for a whispery presence of earth. Plum and grape skins in the back; tart. Doesn’t dry nor does it coat. Cooked brown sugars mingle with marzipan for a glazed sweetness kissed in caramel. ABV is nowhere apparent or intrusive. As warms apples make a showing, more juice then flesh or skin. Beautiful.

Final Thoughts: Belgium and her beers were my first beery love and will always be my first beery love. Moments like this only serve to reaffirm how, why, and forever.

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