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Blackout Stout ~ Great Lakes

Appearance: black with a minimal head. Tannish collar circles a lost puddle of film in the middle. Swirls with dotty crema and a thicker collar.

Nose: roasted and burnt goodness immediately assails my nose. Black chocolate bars brittle and pure, espresso beans, burnt wood, and a wisp of black root in the back. Char also lingers in the back for a heavy long finale of fudge mingled with black cherry skins. Dark fruit pits for some nutty earthiness. Vanilla bean here and there. Nice richness overall to the nose.

Palate: as nose promised, so did she deliver. Smooth with a medium bodied middle and a long finish. Mouthcoating. Nip of dark fruit and black cherry tartness comes in after each quaff is long gone. Burnt essence lingers long atop tongue with pure black cacao and chunks of fudge. Fudge also coats lips. Burnt wood, ash, and char underneath. Licorice root leads into more fudge while faint warmth lingers in the chest. Not much to speak of up front; wholly in the middle and all the way through the finish. Thick swallow.

Final Thoughts: if all blackouts were like this I’d gladly indulge in them on a regular basis; the beer of course, sillies. Once more Great Lakes pleases and once more, a huge thanks to my buds Jamie and Jeremy for bringing me back a bottle. Jeremy especially for not drinking it; I know the temptation was hard, and I appreciate the restraint.

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