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Doggie Claws 2009 ~ Hair of the Dog

Appearance: cloudy brown; wood. Khaki head retains a mousse-like texture even as it fades into a tight thick blanket; solid. Swirls with no lace and an even thicker head.

Nose: sweet boozy spice in the back makes for good first impressions; tickles eyes and nose. Apples, raisins, plum skins, pear skins, and stewed mandarin skins. The sweetness (maple) in back is gentle, mingling with the pear, mandarin, and possible even a tiff of mango. Black root and a hint of vanilla bean. Spice spliced wood, barreled rum if you please.

Palate: wow and OMG. Sweet, wholly coating all oral surfaces from the front to the middle; lips. Dry, spiced, and wonderfully woody in the back. Apple, pears, raisins, and plums start tart then turn sweet. Cinnamon sticks, rum spice, and wood mingle and marry. Maple and caramel linger longest on the lips. Quite sessionable for her rich intensity. Warmth slowly tickles the back of throat before settling comfortably in my chest. Chocolate oranges; marmalade and mandarin.

Final Thoughts: how can one not love a beer from a brewery called Hair of the Dog?! Even better, their beers are quite often out of this world tastetacular. Chalk this beast right up there with the best of them.

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