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Stillwater Vanilla Cream Ale ~ Thomas Creek

Appearance: slow steady stream of carbonation amidst khaki-gold hues under a meringue white head. Clings to sides, lingers as a solid blanket.

Nose: vanilla bean meets French baguette meets meringue freshly whipped. Super soft essence much like fresh whipped vanilla cream meringue and vanilla tinged dough. Soft inner circle of white bread dough, cooked, no crust. Crispness is an outer layer which circles the nose but never enters; fresh grains, golden, natural.

Palate: smooth and creamy, vanilla bean strikes first in the middle all the way through the back, lingering long after each quaff in my breath. French baguettes emerge from the brick oven. Vanilla bean, vanilla cream. Bright atop the tongue; like sunshine on a spring day amidst fields of golden grains. Wisp of dryness in the finish keeps her from growing to cloying in vanilla and dough. Tasty.

Final Thoughts: personally, I dug it, but then I’ve wanted to try a true cream ale for years. Years. While it won’t set the complexity scales a-screaming, she was exactly what I expected, hoped, and wanted out of a vanilla cream ale. I’d gladly drink another and another…

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