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MaiBock ~ Capital Brewery

Appearance: golden orange. White head fades fast into a nice thick blanket. Swirls with lace and even more white puff.

Nose: fruit, spices, and honey. Stewed peach, nectarines, mango; cinnamon sticks for spice. Red apple flesh minus the skins for that extra level of fruit sweetness and flavor. Honey wheat bread.

Palate: beautiful, full, and mouthcoating. Honey wheat bread back and in the finish; honey coats the lips. Spices tickle top of tongue and breath with cinnamon and everything nice. Peaches, nectarines abound both in flesh and in skin. Sweetness of meaty fruity inside fills middle of palate, fleshing out the already filling honey wheat breads. Spiced apples. Wisp of nutmeg. Blends together wonderfully while still being discernable individually.

Final Thoughts: aside from the OK island wheat, I have so far been quite impressed with Capital Brewery. Suffice to say they have been living up to their hype and then some. May I have some more, please.

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