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Island Wheat Ale ~ Capital Brewery

Appearance: hazy straw, lighter at the bottom. White head light and fluffy fades to a thin fluffy layer. Swirls with lace and a thicker head.

Nose: bread; insert hand, grab soft insides leaving crust behind, snarf, and enjoy. Wheat, straw. Crust comes in last and underneath for gentle crunch. Hint of dusty fields in the very back.

Palate: soft and unassuming, detrimentally so. Bread and dough, whole wheat, soft and fresh from the oven. Yeasty up front with a clean finish. Definitely dig the uber soft mouthfeel of breads inner doughy goodness, whole wheat of course. Wisp of grains and crust hither and fro.

Final Thoughts: not too shabby, but not too memorable either. Overall, her essence exuded a fresh bready inside which is a bit of a first to me. Quite deserving of the moniker ‘liquid bread’.

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