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Hoss Rye Lager ~ Great Divide

Appearance: deep coppers and garnets polished to shimmering perfection. Fluffy pith hued head fades in big patches, leaving glomps of lace along the side of my glass.

Nose: rye grains, seeds, and bread. Spicy and fruity just the way I like it with the rye really coming through front and center. Apple skins and apple seeds pitter about, the skins adding a touch of tannic bitterness. Green blades of grass soak up the sun while peaches are stewed and spiced. Solid portfolio of whole grains to compliment the rye.

Palate: ohsogood. Fruity and bready all the way through the middle with gentle thirst-inducing dryness in the back. Rye breads, apples, and peaches create a scintillating orchestra of complimentary flavors. Faint maple sweetness in the middle. Green grass and whole grains in the finish. Spices in my breath.

Final Thoughts: the whole time I lovingly quaffed my Hoss the foodie in me was screaming for the riches sharpest cheddar; easy and tasty. Not too complex, but uber rich and never overpowering in the process. An amazing example of balance and finesse.

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