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Dolii Raptor ~ Birrificio Montegioco

Appearance: pours clear in the tired and worn hues wood of the wood barrels she was aged in. touch of dregs at the bottom dirties it up. Bubbles form a loose collar while swirls produce nothing. Little apparent carbonation.

Nose: I can smell it from my chair as it rests on the table. Amazing woody sourness up front and leather in the back; old and worn. Grape skins, cranberries, and plums, especially their skins. Planks of wood await the skilled touch of a cooper’s hand. Wonderfully invigorating; smells of labor, love, earth, and old-world artisanal skills.

Palate: thin yet not watery mouthfeel carries the flavors cleanly over, around, and down. Wisp of caramel up front while plums and dark grapes linger longest in the back. Different to and similar to the nose. Freshly juiced grapes, plums, apples, pears for liquid sweetness while their skins cleanse the finish. Love the smooth mouthfeel thanks to no discernable carbonation; not flat thought. Wood and leather are faint, soft brushes and gentle whispers throughout our slow session. Bread sops up the fruit juices while cinnamon and nutmeg add to the bitter tickle in the back of each quaff. Tartness snaps in the middle, then poof! Gone. Brett is a subtle wooer. Lovely.

Final Thoughts: hands down this is one of the most intriguing beers I have taste to date. Similar to some and yet so far removed from others, she’s almost her own entity unto herself. I could drink this beauty on any given day, though something tells me she’d be especially endearing whilst gazing upon the slow beauty of Italy’s rolling hills and mountains.

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