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Claymore Scotch Ale ~ Great Divide

Appearance: deep browns and old mahoganies. Tan head fades fast into a thick collar. Swirls with speckled lace. Clear but with intense depth.

Nose: black strap molasses, maple, wood, spice, black raisins plump as rain, cherries, and prunes. Whew! Sweet but not saccharinely so. Essence of wintry seasons.

Palate: dark fruits and sweet chewy raisin bready mats make for delightful first impressions. Raisins, prunes, and cherries sweet not tart. Black strap molasses is the chain that ties them all together while black breads offer weight and heft. Faint hint of tart cherries nipping at the back of my throat tease and tantalize; refreshing. Candied maraschino cherries flitter about. Relatively clean finish while chocolate cake lingers in my breath.

Final Thoughts: for yours truly Great Divide is one of those much underrated breweries, if only for no other reason than I can’t get them in my area right now. Soon, very soon, but not so much right now. Solid, consistent, and always a flavor sensation, they offer a lil bit of something good for everybody.

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