September 16th, 2010

Hop Rod Rye Ale ~ Bear Republic

Appearance: deep clear amber and mahogany with glints of burgundy. Off-white head leaves lace along with a solid collar bordering a solid head of foam. Swirls with more lace and a fuller puddle to dip my nose in.

Nose: omg! Fruity rye and spicy rye with apples, peaches, pears, and plums surrounded by moist breads. The back kicks with rye seeds. Chestnuts and pecans flitter about in nutty merriment while brown sugar adds just a dab of sweetness. Caramelized crunchies along the edges. Tickle of warmth in the back.

Palate: sweet then dry than spiced with a super long finish. Green hop cones add bitterness to balance the caramelized sweetness and to tease the rye spiciness. Burnt finish of ash and wood flickers out as quickly as it appears. Vanilla root, chocolate beans are to be found in the very back of swallow. Hops continue to tickle and tease the front and middle, slowly drying the top of my tongue. All around rye spice and rye fruitiness floats in a beery sea of caramelized crunchies, peaches, apples, pears to be sopped up by generous hunks of rye bread.

Final Thoughts: was surprised by the lack of hops in the nose that were so readily apparent in her palate. Overall though, a tastefully intriguing brew which served to remind me all over again why I love rye in my beer.

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Pale Ale ~ Tap Room No.21

Appearance: golden orange with a touch of amber glints. Bready head fades to a thin film. Swirls with no lace, though a smidge more thickness along the edges.

Nose: soft grains much like freshly baked loaves of bread; a bit bland though. Lemon-lime in the back; very subtle. Hint of pulpy peach sweetness which disappears almost as fast as it appears.

Palate: sweet and soft along the sides while the top of my tongue dries almost immediately. Grains and bread crusts dominate the center of her palate while peach and lemon skins tease the sides of my tongue. Sweetness of the peach meat lingers in the back of each swallow before giving way to an almost painfully pithy waxy lemon skin dry finish; abrasive.

Final Thoughts: different, though certainly not spectacular. Out of the three Tap Room No.21 beers I tasted none jumped out at me in glorious taste sensation. Average comes to mind, and the pale ale was no different.

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Especial ~ Grupo Modelo (Corona)

Appearance: clear gold marked by a slow stream of bubbles. Meager head leaves a meager white collar and not much of anything else.

Nose: raw grains and raw corn. Wet straw for a touch of dankness; not too overwhelming though. Wet lemon peel; like it’s been sitting in a glass of now melted ice water all day long.

Palate: wet. Bread crust and grains stumble into a dry finish of stale bread crusts. Dried corn kernels in the back of each swallow.

Final Thoughts: meh. Same old, same old. If you’re going to go Modelo, get the Negra.

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Double Dog Pale Ale ~ Flying Dog


Appearance: burnt amber and bloody orange under a soft pithy head which proceeds to crawl up the sides of my glass in a hapless attempt at escape. Swirls nice with a bit of splattered lace.

Nose: hop cones by the ton; green, sticky, resiny, and pungent to the touch with nice vegetal undertones. Nutmeg and cinnamon sticks dabble in the spice while crunchy melba and golden brown toast ground the senses. Essence of standing in a forest, the wood and trees and bark and undergrowth all permeating the air; moss. Peach skins fleshy and fuzzy.

Palate: clean and bitter with a small but steady undercurrent of malt melba toasty crunch. Bark and pine needles tease while whole hop cones make a rush for my tastebuds; resinous, sticky, and slightly vegetal. Long bitter finish atop tongue which makes the cheeks tingle. Gentle sweetness speaks of peaches and orange nectar. Lips are sticky in orange and hop delights. Sweetens up a tad as warms up though hops are still the star. Hint of warmth grows in chest near end of glass.

Final Thoughts: first time I had this beer an easy year ago I was not impressed. Since then having tasted numerous bottling and draft, the only conclusion I can come to is the bottle I tried back then was bad because I have loved Double Dog since.

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Plead the 5th Imperial Stout ~ Dark Horse Brewery

Appearance: pours pitch black like night descended with the comfort of her silvery white moon. Little to no carbonation means little to no head; just a sliver of espresso crema to taunt and tease. Swirls with nothing more than an oily slick much like tears along the sides of my glass.

Nose: thick sludge and glorious tar leads into the heaviest densest richest most coveted fudge ever. Melted chocolate and fudge brownies blend into one. Chocolate soaked prunes and raisins. Black cake. Vanilla root. There is an intriguing moistness to the nose which works well with the overall weight. Burnt wood, s’mores, and chocolate simmering on the stove.

Palate: thick, rich, burnt, tarry and leaden in weight with her chocolate burnt decadence. Hot in the backside though not unpleasantly so; like a delicate tease of campfire warmth which only serves to enhance her flavors. Fudge, whole pure cacao chunks, and melted chocolates all as one and separate at the same time. Heavy and chewy but with a surprisingly light finish. Chocolate covered prunes and raisins dripping in their recently dipped chocolate glory. Black earth, burnt wood, ash, s’mores. Lips are sticky with espresso crema and a river of chocolate vanilla late. Enjoys minimal subdued carbonation which enhances the pure decadence of it all.

Final Thoughts: wow and wow. I could bathe, eat, drink, and sleep with this particular beer from Dark Horse. Now if only I could get my hands on another dozen or so…

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