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Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale ~ Rogue Brewing

Haven’t watched Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel yet? Shame on you. Go watch a few episodes and, after you do, we’ll talk more about Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale from Rogue Brewing.

Ok, just kidding, kind of. I own all seasons on DVD and every season Dad and I get together, share a beer, and enjoy the “reality” show, Deadliest Catch. Everyone has their own favorite ship, crew, and captain. The Northwestern, captained by Sig Hansen and crewed by his two brothers and a tight nit crew of friends, has been with Deadliest Catch since season 1. Dad and I saved our Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale by Rogue Brewing to savor during the last episode of the 2009 season.

Deep browns melt into burnished mahogany and old wood laid down to rest. A puffy khaki head fades in rocky splotches, sticking to the sides of my glass much like windswept foam lapping against the shore. Rushing towards me upon winds of change are oceans of hops riding atop a bed of caramel crunchies while wood drifts through the background. His wood essence is delicate, flittering in and out of both nose and palate, which I am about to sup on. Further esters of hop resins, hop cones, grass, and straw lead me into the first of many pleasant encounters. Hops splash against the rugged surface of my mouth while I soak in all the hops I can. Hop leaves, cones, and resins stick to my lips and the inside of my mouth while the top of my tongue starts to dry almost immediately. Pine needles and pine bark entice an unquenchable thirst further onward. Hoppy and dry, wood and dust ride out the finish while the hops linger even longer. This is a Northwest hopped ale, make no doubt about that. Melba toast finds union in caramel crunchies, giving the palate a toasty sweet balance. Venturing further into his depths, little changes as each quaff goes down with brisk ease while somehow staying packed with flavor until the very last drop.

A well played irony on the Northwestern in more ways than one. Rogue has never really been shy with the hops, especially Northwest hops, a fitting marriage of two different similarities. I can see the crew of the Northwestern downing a few pints of Sig’s Ale while resting their weary bodies’ inbetween crabbing seasons. Good stuff.

where's my crab legs...
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